Aspiration, and that Abyss
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Aspiration, and that Abyss • Posted: Nov 13, 2023 12:58:29Comments WelcomeVote CoolPhotoblogsPurchase a PrintShare

From sleep aroused
     I squint to look about.
     That cat of mine is
     already on the the prowl.
     This morning’s light
     through curtains parted
     creates a gleam
     she’s never seen.

And now, she’s up upon
     the kitchen counter,
     poised in contemplation deep.
     Can she complete the leap
     across the gap to shelf on high
     and catch the gleam
     that fascinates her so?

It is a problem we all do face.
     Can we complete that leap?
     What will it take?
     What might go wrong?
     What could we gain?
     What are the risks?
     And even if we do complete,
     what will be lost behind?

“Fail safe”, is caution
     wisdom of the ages
     hands down to us
     in almost every land.
     But, with emotions high,
     it’s hard to think like that.
     More than once, we’ll
     trust our gut, throw
     caution to the winds.

How many times have we
     upon our asses, on our heads
     landed deep into abyss
     we’ve tried and
     failed to clear?

And, how have we handled that?
     With grin and backed away?
     With false bravado, claiming
     actually we did succeed?

What truth, what lies have we
     told ourselves, and others?
     And why? What’s been the gain?
     And what the loss, for both
     ourselves and those same others?

My cat, my lovely cat, she knows.
     She knows from way back when
     she was but a kitten.
     She knows the gap must
     not exceed her talents.
     She knows to fail must not
     exhaust her stored reserves.
     She knows deluding
     self and others only
     traps her inside a box of
     dark frustration.

My cat, my lovely cat, she knows.
     She knows the world is hugely big,
     filled with fascinations plenty.
     She knows, too, that truth
     is her unfailing friend.
     She knows that if she
     measures right, she will
     succeed. And, have
     both wealth to savor
     and to share.

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