It’s All So Absurd
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When I was six or seven years old,
     four F-86 fighter jets flew
     in formation over my house
     on approach to O’Hare Airport,
     the military side.
     They’d been summoned home,
     back from the Korean War.

     Today, hardly anyone remembers
     the Korean War, though it
     has never officially ended.

When I was nine years old,
     one of the very first jet airliners,
     a Boeing 707, flew
     above my school
     on approach to O’Hare,
     the commercial side.
     My teacher pointed it out
     saying the future was coming.

     Today, hardly anyone has flown
     in anything but jet airliners.

When I was eleven years old,
     my parents owned a malt shop.
     I cleared tables, chipped ice,
     and flirted with high school girls.
     The lady who cooked hamburgers
     for us earned 35 cents an hour.
     I earned 25 cents an hour.

     Today, no one in the US earns
     less than 725 cents per hour,
     but more than a few citizens
     earn 50.000 cents per hour,
     and some earn far more than that.

When I was fourteen years old,
     John F. Kennedy was assassinated.
     Since then, Martin Luther King.
     Bobby Kennedy, Mahatma Gandhi,
     Anwar Sadat, and John Lennon
     have all been assassinated.
     And that is only the beginning
     of the list of those assassinated.

     Today, hardly a news cycle goes by
     without another assassination.

Tens of centuries before I was born,
     writing was invented.
     And later, the printing press,
     books, newspapers, radio,
     television, and the internet.
     The hope was that ignorance and
     falsehood would cease to exist.

     Today, ignorance and falsehood
     loom larger than ever.

When I graduated high school,
     Theater of the Absurd,
     Catch-22, Dr. Strangelove,
     and Waiting for Godot
     were popular. I was enthralled.
     Surely pointing out the absurd
     would drive a spike into arrogance,
     false logic, and hypocrisy.

     Today, hardly anyone seems able to
     recognize what is and is not absurd.

Sunday, September 29th, 2013